Saturday, 4 June 2011

angry farmers , and the Run

Been a while since I've written anything on my blog, so thought I'd get busy with my typing fingers.

Met a lady who was doing water colours near Wyhndam Terrace (?) a few days ago, and she had been out all morning, painting in the shade, and painting the street with the church and the flowers drooping over the fence. It was good to chat with a local artist ( a rare breed) and find out her background in teaching art in further education colleges. Well since then I've been an eager beever to get outside and with the summer's weather its been ideal to get out the fields..which was enjoyable until a irrate farmer told me to move on as it was hay bayling time.. so rather than suffer the wrath of his tractor's rottars I moved on back to the wooded area, locally called the Run. Machen has its history and this wooded area bears the scars of the heavy industry Machen used to know. It was a pleasure painiting in the run and meeting inquisitive dog walker after dog walker and bumping into friends. I've posted up a photo of the afternoons work, so hope that you like and hope I captured something of the feeling of being in the Run.

So, with the Summer ahead of us, its time to say good bye studio and hello Plein Air!

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