Monday, 20 December 2010

art work from the last few months ...

a still life based on the theme of the Senses.

a Bargue study. Pencil.

still from a commissioned piece 'the beach of 'Llanbedrog near Pwllheli, near Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw.' Painting, Oil on Canvas. 50 x 70

Detail of 'Llanbedrog near Pwllheli, near Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw.' Painting, Oil on Canvas. 50 x 70

Still life with Bronze Bucket and Eggs. 40 x 60. Painting, Oil on Canvas.

The Broken Violyn' Still Life' Painting, Oil on Canvas.

A drawing based an David Grey's portraits ' of figures wearing turbans. A truly stunning painter. You can find more of his work on the website previously mentioned.

Commissioned drawing for a friend , who is in involved in a Karate stance.

Another commission drawing based on Kick Boxing. Red Chalk on Grey Paper.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

recent drawings and paintings in progress..

Daniel and the Lion's Den. A copy from a painting of Briton Riviere.

A torso studio from George Bargue plate.

A head studio of a Bargue plate.

A horse study from a photo.

As we were walking through a field by the river not far from where I live, we came accroos this perfectly flat field, covered with sheep grazing around this solidatary Oak tree. Those lonely oaks that you can find in this area are really good subject matter full of character and unchanged by time or weakened by adverse weather. Real stand out characters.

pencil study from photo.

A revisited painting by request by Oriel Plas glyn y Weddw. Llanbedrog beach. the huts and the sweeping beach with the backdrop of the Snowdonian hills are a place worth spending long summer days at.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Bruno. Graphite on paper.

Cast painting. 'Carpeaux' .oil on canvas. unfinished.

'Forgiven' A copy of Thomas Blackshear's painting. Graphite on paper.

We are the sinners. We have all lied, cheated, stole, broken the 10 commandments, you may have broken one in the last hour! Thats what'l keep us out of heaven, because God is just, and He is fair, and because He's just and Fair, He has to punish our sins. But thats why Jesus came, to pay the 'Just Judge' by taking our sin on himself. Thats what this picture is about.

are you good enough for heaven? Have a look at this test to find out.

Jesus died for us, so that we can live forgiven, in a relationship with the God of gods. If we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive us our sin. it was love for us that nailed him to the cross.

and we can know that love and live with that joy in our hearts if we confess and believe in what Jesus did for us. there's a peace which comes from heaven itself if we know that Prince of Peace in our lives. Jesus.

Oscar. Graphite on paper

A copy of 'The Road to the Cross by Brian Jekel' Graphite on paper.

A copy of 'Samson's youth 1891, a painting by Léon Bonnat.

Sins of the Fathers. A study of, from Kirk Richards painting.

value studies from the george bargue plates of drawings from plaster casts :

value studies from the george bargue plates of drawings from plaster casts

Gwen. My niece!

Llanbedrog beach. Near Porthmadog.

value studies from the george bargue plates of drawings from plaster casts

value studies from the george bargue plates of drawings from plaster casts

Sunday, 21 March 2010

white rose...part two of a two piece painting for my brother and sister in law's living room wall

hopefully can get a pic of the 1st rose (in yellow which was painted months ago) to compliment this one which was finished yesterday as a commission from my bro and sister in law - hope you like it (they havent seen it yet!) Al, and Lo!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

no more birds ! more still life!

Hi, heres a painting for an up coming competition in Cardiff which is deadlined for April, so have been steadily painitng this over the last 3 weeks.

the words in the school uniform underneath the Blue Isreali vase are 'O Bydded i'r Hen Iaith Barhau' which means, 'O, that the old language will endure' that is Welsh.

I've chosen the school uniform to represent welsh medium schools and the on going battle or encouraging and helping children take pride and dignity in the language of this Nation. From working in a welsh medium school, I see the importance of school life and how this influences the attitudes of the children to the language. As they learn and are taught the language they too we hope will understand and know the importance of being proud and happy to speak such a unique and lyrical tongue.

this work is unfinished and small modifications are needed.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hope and despair in Haiti, a drawing in reflection of the horrendous news

Birds of a work for the Theatre Brechainiog Show Jan 2010 -April 2010

a chafinch in flight. a bird that may go unoticed in your garden, but here taken from a captured image, the chafinch shows remarkable poise and beauty, in its form and colour.
oil on canvas.

a song thrush. the bigger of the 2 types of thrushes common to Britain. Here the red of the berries and the blue of the background sky compliment the brown ish white and yellow of the bird's striking spotted plumage. a bird of curiosity and melodic song.

oil on board

the hedge sparrow.oil on canvas.

''are not 5 sparrows sold for 2 copper coins? (coins of small value in biblical times) ...not one of them are is forgotten before God. .. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows.'' Luke 12.6-7

The House Sparrow. oil on canvas

''Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,for You are with me'' Psalm 23 : 4

mixed media drawing on paper.

the robin and the worm. oil on board

the Skylark /yr Ehedydd. oil on canvas

Song thrush about to burst into Opera. oil on canvas

tree Sparrow. oil on canvas

the Wren. Oil on canvas