Sunday, 21 March 2010

white rose...part two of a two piece painting for my brother and sister in law's living room wall

hopefully can get a pic of the 1st rose (in yellow which was painted months ago) to compliment this one which was finished yesterday as a commission from my bro and sister in law - hope you like it (they havent seen it yet!) Al, and Lo!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

no more birds ! more still life!

Hi, heres a painting for an up coming competition in Cardiff which is deadlined for April, so have been steadily painitng this over the last 3 weeks.

the words in the school uniform underneath the Blue Isreali vase are 'O Bydded i'r Hen Iaith Barhau' which means, 'O, that the old language will endure' that is Welsh.

I've chosen the school uniform to represent welsh medium schools and the on going battle or encouraging and helping children take pride and dignity in the language of this Nation. From working in a welsh medium school, I see the importance of school life and how this influences the attitudes of the children to the language. As they learn and are taught the language they too we hope will understand and know the importance of being proud and happy to speak such a unique and lyrical tongue.

this work is unfinished and small modifications are needed.