Tuesday, 1 March 2011

second post on Hollow Oak tree near Draethen , Lower Machen , study.

modeling field and cont with softening clouds. next sessions is to grey the colour of the warm browns on tree and soften branshes and makes sure the tones on them are correct. also, darken hedge, it catches too much attention. and ...also, take a better photo! thanks for looking. more to follow.

notice the cast shadow at bottom right of tree. cast shadows the darkest shadow, and in this painting, its the darkest area.

into. warm red umber into tree (too much so will have to dumb down colour). looking at the 'look' of the tree's branches. does the way the light hit the tree make sense? are the tones corect, does the form turn?

cont. with big form modeling of tree and sky.

starting to break down things using tone but introducing colour ( oak mostly BU ) . the field has been patched in. continuing soften hedges, and branches. introducing colour into mid / light tones in the background.


  1. outstanding!! scraggly trees are the best! am i supposed to follow the progression from the bottom of the post and up?

  2. Hi Jess, yeap, pretty much. I wanted to do a step by step, so thats why I was trying to take photos as I was painting. Its a help to see for me too , what I did, and what I did next for future ref. lots of work to do, going to get a few hours done tonight hopefully. thanks for your comment!