Tuesday, 26 October 2010

recent drawings and paintings in progress..

Daniel and the Lion's Den. A copy from a painting of Briton Riviere.

A torso studio from George Bargue plate.

A head studio of a Bargue plate.

A horse study from a photo.

As we were walking through a field by the river not far from where I live, we came accroos this perfectly flat field, covered with sheep grazing around this solidatary Oak tree. Those lonely oaks that you can find in this area are really good subject matter full of character and unchanged by time or weakened by adverse weather. Real stand out characters.

pencil study from photo.

A revisited painting by request by Oriel Plas glyn y Weddw. Llanbedrog beach. the huts and the sweeping beach with the backdrop of the Snowdonian hills are a place worth spending long summer days at.


  1. Can I get a copy of the girl kissing the horse mate?

  2. Yeah sure I've still got it. are you back for christmas? Give us a buzz an will drop it by or something.