Friday, 17 April 2009

stranager in a bottle

here'r my first carder method painting. I've played with certain aspects of his method, but this was definitely using the method following it as closely as poss. although.... the mini jar on the right was painted with stand oil instead of the delq mixture.. but ... other than that.

im not sure i like it. its not drawin properly and the wine glass is off. but then.. so the angle is tilted- the black box - is an off angle so it doens't look majorly awkward. well. to me it looks very awkward. but i enjoyed painting the tea pot. its 50years old. ultra mother bought it for her parents like 40-50 years ago. so i'd imagine its worth a lot in retro-ville. Price it up for me if you ever visit!

oh- the reflection in the wine bottle, that's me. police songs are always a good listen to when painting. and message in a bottle came to mind as its all about reflection and identity.

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